Welcome!  Celebrating 45 years of the Bedeslea kennel

Known in recent decades for Spinoni in the UK, this small, hobby kennel was established in 1977, initially involved with the training, showing and breeding of both Labrador and Golden Retrievers. 

"I discovered the beauty of the Spinone in 1986 and enjoyed the years that followed, working towards the 'complete' Spinone - a dog with the expression, physical shape, hunting ability and temperament outlined in the Breed Standards.  A number of champions carry this affix and some of the most prominent kennels in the UK were founded on Bedeslea dogs - Hastabbi, Jaspins, Italix in the UK and Venticalmi and Braschini in the USA, to name but a few.  Please browse through the pages to see the story of my dogs and learn more of this lovely breed". (Carolyn Adkins-Fry)

"Tango the Lagotto joined us in 2016 and the party began! She achieved the Our Dogs Top Lagotto for 2017. 'Thank you, Ann (Timtaurn)!' 

In 2018/19 both Tango and her daughter, Bedeslea Ticataboo (Tica) Qd in ScUK L1 and L2 Competition and also both won out of L3 in KC Rally.

Tica and stunning imported boy, Kan Trace Viking Invader, (Ted - who is co-owned with Jenny Ward) joined the show team in 2018. A huge 'thank you' to Sabina at Kan Trace, who allowed us to bring Ted to the UK. Ted's consistent winning and contribution to the kennel's genepool has been a boost to the breed. Tica's litter to Ted in 2021 produced two very promising show boys. Thank you to Gill Stenning and Cassie Woodmansterne for bringing the boys out to support our small kennel.

Tango and Tica enjoyed Mantrailing in 2022/3, both passing Level 1. Multi-talented girls indeed! 2022 also saw the arrival from the United States of PRADA DELLA FINO TO BEDESLEA. Co-owned with Victoria Norbury of the Heartbury Pointers, (who now also shares this kennel affix), Prada has thrilled us with her consistent championship show wins in 2023.

Both Tica, Ted and Prada have regularly won BOS/BOBs at Ch Shows in the past years since Covid19 and Prada has finished 2023 with 13 points in the Our Dogs Top Lagotto ratings. Second only to Ted's sister, the amazing BIS Crufts' 2023 winner, Orca. Well done to Team Prada! We are very proud!

Prada will hopefully produce a litter of puppies early in 2024. Watch this space! Exciting times!"

Meanwhile, feel free - contact us at lagotto@bedeslea.com 
by telephone on   +44 7831 257969 

Carolyn Adkins-Fry & Victoria Norbury

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