To this day, Bedeslea Spinoni stand alone within the breed in the UK for their achievements in both the Showring and the Field

It has always been my intention to maintain the 'whole' Spinone - a rustic dog that has the essential ingredients, one of which is certainly the ability and desire to hunt game.  My Golden Retrievers were always capable of doing it all, including studio and assistance work, and I considered the Spinone in the same light.  I was indeed fortunate to enter this breed in 1987 with a dog that was able to prove himself in the field, in addition to gaining awards in the ring at a high level.  Bosco won Hampshire Gundog's Dual Purpose Trophy over all the Gundog breeds for his dual purpose achievements.

Bosco won a number of Working Test awards in Puppy and Novice and was always a very keen retriever on shoots, where he regularly found the pricked birds on the perimeter.  On his very first run in a Field Trial, aged nine months, Bosco was given the Guns' Award for his impressive retrieve through barbed wire fencing of a wounded cock pheasant.  The very same retrieve also put him out of the trial!  Luckily, he managed to master some control as he gained experience and understanding!

Bosco  was the first male in the UK to win an award at a KC Novice Field Trial and therefore the  first Spinone male in the KC Stud Book  surpassed only by his sister, Gaesten Bianca di Custoza of Gamehawk owned by experienced field-trialler, Bill Pearson.  Bosco was owner/handled by me, running a Continental Gundog for the first time, which was a handicap to his talent on occasions, even though I had for several years run Golden Retrievers in Working Tests and Field Trials.

If KC approval for CC-status had been granted just a year or so earlier, Bosco is likely to have been the first full Champion in the breed.  He was awarded Best Dog/BOB at Ch Shows on several occasions. Nonetheless, that aside, he still played his part in founding this small but successful kennel.  His 'dual-ability' genes continue on...

Bedeslea Bona Fido JW, Bosco's son Baffo, was handled for me by Steve Kimberley and 'got to the water' on a number of occasions.  He was the 'London's Burning' stray mutt for a few episodes and impressed everyone on set with his lovely, gentle and willing temperament.
In 1999, Rory Major handled my Bedeslea Pasquarella to a fourth place award in a Novice Trial and she became the second FT award-winner for the kennel and  TOP FIELD TRIAL SPINONE 2001/2.   
TOP FIELD TRIAL SPINONE 2010/11 and 2011/12   Bedeslea Tiger By The Tail at Bryantscroft.   Ludo  ran in one or two trials during the 09/010 FT season, impressing with his terrific desire and stamina.  He  gained a fourth place in an All Aged Stake in his first run of the season (Wei Club) and another at Dukeries Gundog in January!  The following season he was 'highest placed in the awards' and tacked up three more awards in All Aged Stakes.       

I am indebted to Rory for his efforts and commitment to the Bedeslea Spinoni in the field and wish him 'all the best' in trialling the minor breeds, of which he has a number in-training and a long list of major successes already recorded.
Deserving of a mention here is my first 'dual-purpose' achiever and a Golden that was 'special' to me in a number of ways.  Winter Jasmine at Bedeslea (Mindy) was the first of my dogs to gain Working Test and Field Trial awards and she taught me a great deal in the process.  Also a winner of Dual Purpose awards, she was credited by the Golden Retriever Club in 1992.

She was my leading picking-up dog - always steady, biddable and persistent - a dog that could beat, flush, pick-up and then run in a trial the following week!  Here she is retrieving duck at twelve years of age... 

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